Though not to be trusted, the Diabolists of The Black Tooth Grin Clan bring subversive and powerful dark energies to bear in your service. They can poison the air itself, and summon deadly Daemons from the Great Dark Beyond.

General InformationEdit

Diabolist can be Trained from The Clan's Infernal Coven, and are the Main Spell Casting Unit in the Black Tooth Grin Forces, and can receive Spell Upgrades.


  • Gold900
  • Food1


  • Orc Heart40
  • Mana100
  • OrcArmour0
  • Fireball6-6

Spells / Upgrades

  • Fireballhurls a fiery ball at an enemy target for set amount of damage.
  • PoisonCloudcreates a cloud comprised of brimstone, acid, and poisonous gases to envelop and choke enemy targets.
  • Summon DaemonSummons a terrible Daemon under the command of the Warlock.
  • Summon scorpionSummons a poisonous spider under the command of the Warlock.


Diabolist large

Diabolist as he appears in DOC