Elywnn Forest is a vast woodland, Home to many farmers, loggers and miners of the Kingdom of Azeroth and is where the Heart of the Human Empire lies, Stormwind City and home to the Clerics of Northshire abbey.

Land GeographyEdit

Elwynn lies below the southern foothills of Blackrock Mountains. The Forest is a labyrinthine mixture of rushing rivers, forming various lakes, and forests of magnificent trees and lush glades. Its rich farmland is a result of the frequent rains, dropping in the area. Stormwind City itself sits proudly in the northwestern hills of the region, its gates opening down onto the Forest. East of Stormwind, behind a thick wall lies the peaceful Northshire Valley and its Abbey. Northshire is the pride of Stormwind's vineyards, and Home to the Populous Town of Goldshire.

Notable SettlementsEdit

Elywnn Forest contains three major Human Settlements:

Wild creaturesEdit

  • Bears
  • Boars
  • Wolves
  • Spiders