Llane Wrynn is the heir to the House of Wrynn, the current King of Azeroth. He is the son of Adamant Wrynn III, the previous King, and his consort and queen Lady Varia.

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King Adamant Wrynn III & Queen Varia(Parents), Rienna(Wife},Anduin Lothar(Brother in-law), Varian Wrynn(Son)


Llane was born in the year 564. In 577, Llane reached to the and was given the full title Prince of Azeroth. During the evening feast arranged to honor the young Prince, the great wizard Medivh, who had been absent from events of the world for years, interrupted, announcing his return to the world and giving an obsidian hourglass to Llane, symbolizing Azeroth's unending prosperity. The sands in the glass ran, but the top half never emptied into the lower half.

Six years later, Llane awoke in ordinary morning to find to his horror that the hourglass had almost completely emptied. As the last grain fell, an attack on Stormwind Keep by the Orcs began. Although the orc attack was repulsed, after that Llane was sent with his mother to Northshire away from potential danger by his father, who in turn began to lead the battle against the orcs. The next year, his father, King Adamant Wrynn III died, and at the age of twenty, Llane was pronounced King of Azeroth.

appearence in DOCEdit

Llane will not be Playable in DOC, however, he will make appearances in Human Campaign.


Note: all the Models that appears in the Gallery are very rough sketches of Llane and are not the Final Model.