Peasants are the Farmers, Villigers and the Townfolks of Azeroth, Proud and Stout-Hearted, those men are the Backbone of the Azerothian Army, They can construct Settlements, Gather Gold and harvest Lumber that is neccesary in Supporting the Army in Combating the Foul Orcs. skilled craftsman, able to construct any type of building . They are unskilled in the ways of war, however, and will flee when engaged by the enemy

General InformationEdit

45 Peasants can be Trained from The Townhall, and can Repair buildings, however they can't attack and will run away if attacked.


  • Gold400
  • Food1


  • Human Heart40
  • HumanArmourN/A
  • Human AttackN/A

Abilities / Upgrades

  • OrcBuildBrings up a list of the available buildings that you may choose to construct.
  • HumanArmourTakes Shelter when Danger occurs.
  • GatherMines gold from gold mines and harvests Wood from trees.