The Bleeding Hollow are truly the elite soldiers of the Horde, and their Savages typify this status. Eschewing fancy arms and armour, Deadeye's finest gird themselves with little more than grit, gristle, and a stout heart.

General InformationEdit

Savage can be Trained from The Bleeding Hollow's Barracks, and are the Main Melee Unit in the Bleeding Hollow's Clan, and can receive weapon & armor Upgrades.


  • Gold400
  • Food1


  • Orc Heart60
  • OrcArmour2
  • OrcAttack Melee7-15

Abilities / Upgrades

  • OrcAttack MeleeEnhanced Melee Weapons.
  • OrcArmourEnhanced Armour.


Savage large

Savage as he appears in DOC