A survivor of many battles, Kilrogg Deadeye has grown reluctant to waste his forces in brazen attacks. Spearmen of the Bleeding Hollow Clan are masters of stealth and guile, and once chosen a target rarely lives to tell the tale.

General InformationEdit

Stalker can be Trained from The Bleeding Hollow 's Barracks, and are the Main Ranged Unit in the Bleeding Hollow's Clan, and can receive weapon & armor Upgrades.


  • Gold450
  • Food1
  • Tree50


  • Orc Heart60
  • OrcArmour1
  • OrcRange10-10

Abilities / Upgrades

  • OrcRangeEnhanced ranged Weapons.
  • OrcArmourEnhanced Armour.


Stalker large

Stalker as he appears in DOC